Dairy Climate Change Question 6

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Does the brand (company) also have a policy to source its energy from renewable sources?

  • Dutch version: Gebruikt het merk (bedrijf) hernieuwbare energie?
  • German version: Macht der Markenhersteller Gebrauch von erneuerbarer Energie?


This question relates to the EU Renewable Energy Directive 2009/28/EC. The directive sets a target of 20% renewable energy use by 2020 for the entire energy mix. Renewable energy refers to all sources of energy such as hydroelectricity, wind, biomass, solar (thermal and photovoltaic), tidal and geothermal 1. The Directive 2001/77/EC sets a national indicative target of 21% electricity from renewable sources for the 25 states in the EU. This question also relates to aspects EN6 and EN 18 of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines & Food Processing Sector Supplement. Within the Dairy sector it could be for example; the use of solar panels or deriving biogas from methane emissions.

Since most Dairy companies do not communicate any percentages on the use of renewable energy yet, this question does not target a specific percentage yet.

Please make sure that the purchased green energy comes from additional sources! (See also Website Climate Change Question 5).

Best Practice: Since 2010, Arla only uses green energy. Which is derived from water and wind by Groensbalans/Windunie.

Answering Guidelines

Answer Yes:
• [Brand] uses renewable energy for its own operations (see link/page…). This was purchased [e.g. where, what certificates, what type of renewable energy?]/ this was generated by own [windmills/solar panels etc..].

Answer No:
• [Brand] explicitly says not to [...] (see link/page...).

Answer ?:
• [Brand] refers to the grid average of ??% renewable energy, but does account for the reason why this portion can be attributed to the brand.
• [Brand] mentions to use green energy, but does not make clear from what kind of resource, or does not give any details.
• [Brand] does not communicate any information about whether or not it uses energy derived from renewable sources on its website.