Dairy Environmental Policy Question 2

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Does at least 90% of the milk comes from cows that spend 720 hours a year, or more, on grasslands?

  • Dutch version: Komt tenminste 90% van de melk van koeien 720 uur per jaar, of meer, buiten in de wei grazen?
  • German version: Stammen zumindestens 90% der verarbeiteten Milch von Kühen welche pro Jahr mindestens 720 Stunden auf Grasweiden verbringen?

References and Guidelines

This guideline has been determined by "Stichting Weidegang" please refer to [1] for more information. According to "Stichting Weidegang", cows have to spent a minimum of 720 hours per year outside in grasslands. The more cows graze on farmlands, the better quality of milk is and the more advantages it has for the environment. Please refer to the part "environmental impact" [2]

Best Practice: 95% of CONO's cows are certified as "weidegang". CONO also pays their farmers €0,50 per 100 kg milk extra, if they are treated according to the Weidegang standard.

Answering guidelines

Answer Yes:

  • [brand/company] cows spend 720 hours a year, or more, on grasslands.

Answer No:

  • [brand/company] cows spend less than 720 hours a year on grasslands.
  • [brand/company] explicitly report that the cows are not spending any time outside on grasslands.

Answer ?:

  • [brand/company] does not specify how many hours a year the cows spend on grasslands.