Dairy Environmental Policy Question 9

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Does the brand (company) have the objective to only source sustainable soy and palm for the cow’s feed by 2015 at the latest, and does the brand already purchase sustainable soy and palm for the cow’s feed in order to stop e.g. the destruction of tropical forests for palm and soy oil plantations?

  • Dutch version: Heeft het merk (bedrijf) zich ten doel gesteld om in uiterlijk 2015 alleen nog ‘verantwoorde’ palm en soya te gebruiken voor het voedsel van de koeien, en heeft het merk al verantwoorde palm en soya ingekocht, om onder meer de vernietiging van tropische bossen door palm en soya plantages tegen te gaan?
  • German version: Hat sich der Markenhersteller das Ziel gesteckt, bis spätestens 2015 ausschließlich nachhaltig produziertes Palmöl und Soja für Viehfutter zu beziehen, um somit der Zerstörung von tropischen Wäldern entgegenzuwirken?

References and Guidelines

Palm kernel and soy kernel are the edible fruits go the soy/palm tree. It is used as krachtvoer/"power feed" in the food for the cows. The % of soy/palm differ, however on average 30-50% of the cow's food consists out of soy/palm kernel. [1]. This question is also asked in Labor Conditions and Human Rights section, but as soy and palm kernel also leads to the destruction of tropical forests, this question is also applicable for the environmental policy section.

Best Practice:

  • CONO only buys SOYPSI soya (similar to RTRS)
  • Since 2011 Arla buys 50% RTRS soy and 50% from soy is derived from small family farms in Brasil.

Answering guidelines

Answer Yes:

  • [Brand] has a policy to use sustainable [palm/soy] for the cows feed, namely [...] (see link/page).
  • [Brand] uses only sustainable [palm/soy] for the cows feed, that is certified according to (see link/page...).

Answer No:

  • [Brand] explicitly claims not to use [palm/soy] for the cows feed from sustainable sources [...] (see link/page)

Answer ?:

  • [Brand] does not communicate any information about use of [palm/soy] for the cows feed. So it is not clear if the brand is committed to avoiding
  • [Brand] mentions [a sort of policy], but the brand does not mention any clear [criteria/targets/achievement].