Dairy Labor Conditions and Human Rights Question 2

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Does the brand (company) purchase its other ingredients (such as sugar, fruit and chocolate) from socially certified sources?

  • Dutch version: Koopt het merk (bedrijf) zijn overige ingrediënten (zoals suiker, fruit en cacao) van sociall gecertificeerde bronnen?
  • German version: Verarbeitet der Markenhersteller Fair Trade zertifizierte Rohstoffe (z. B. Zucker, Früchte und Kakao) für seine Produkte?


All dairy brands sell milk and yogurt with 'special flavors', which contain ingredients such as sugar, fruit and cocoa.

As mentioned in Soda Environmental Policy Question 2, the production of sugar, fruit and cocoa comes with several social sustainability issues such as insufficient income and income insecurity, corruption, unhealthy and unsafe working conditions and forced labor. Sugar and cocoa can be bought from sustainable sources. However, not all fruits can be bought certified. Fruit that can be bought from certified sources are oranges, banana's, pineapples, coconut, mango and grapes. See also Soda Environmental Policy Question 3 for more info on certified products.

For specific certifications and more references for sugar, fruit and cocoa:

Best Practice: Since 2010, Arla buys 100% UTZ certified cacao for their chocolate yoghurt.

Answering guidelines

Answer Yes:

  • [brand/company] purchases sugar, fruit or cocoa from an socially certified source, namely: [name of certification]


  • [brand/company] does not purchase its cocoa from an independent socially certification standard, but carries out its own program which is equally as good, namely [insert name program].

Answer No:

  • [brand/company] specifically states not to buy sugar, fruit or cocoa from socially certified sources.

Answer ?:

  • [brand/company] does not specify on its website if its sugar, fruit or cocoa comes from an socially certified source.


  • [brand/company] claims to purchase sugar, fruit or cocoa from socially certified sources but does not specify the source or certification standard.