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### [[Footwear]]
### [[Footwear]]
### [[Denim/Jeans]]
### [[Denim/Jeans]]
### [[.Apparel|Apparel]]
### [[Retailer]]
### [[Retailer]]
## [[Electronics and ICT hardware|Electronics and ICT hardware]]
## [[Electronics and ICT hardware|Electronics and ICT hardware]]
## [[Tour Operators and Travel Agencies|Tour Operators and Travel Agencies]]
## [[Tour Operators and Travel Agencies|Tour Operators and Travel Agencies]]

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Welcome to the Rank a Brand manual - a guide to help you review and rank brands based on their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) public information.

How to use this manual

If you are new to the Rank a Brand community, read the information provided here and get ready to rank your first brand! If you have experience as a ranker, consult this manual when you are in need of more background information or instructions. If reading these wiki pages does not help and you are still confused, stuck, or lost, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the more experienced verifiers for help.

The content of this manual is as follows:

  1. How to operate the Rank a Brand system
  2. General ranking instructions
  3. Generic criteria
  4. Generic summaries
  5. Sector specific instructions with backgrounds, guidelines and possible jurisdiction for every question. The sectors are:
    1. Apparel and Footwear
      1. Apparel
      2. Footwear
      3. Denim/Jeans
      4. Retailer
    1. Electronics and ICT hardware
    2. Tour Operators and Travel Agencies
    3. Telecom
    4. Media
      1. Print Media
      2. Websites
    5. Food and Beverages
      1. Supermarket Chains
      2. Beer
      3. Chocolate
      4. Coffee & Tea
      5. Tropical Fruit
      6. Soda
      7. Chips
      8. Restaurant Chains
      9. Dairy
      10. Cheese
    6. Energy suppliers
      1. Financial Sector
      2. Political Parties
      3. Radio, Television and Internet Media
      4. Automotive

This manual is a dynamic document as the world is always in flux. Additionally as Rank a Brand matures, we will better understand sector issues, and we will subsequently add, delete, and/or modify questions and guidelines. All changes will be recorded using the Wiki format, which allows us to co-build and maintain the content of these pages. We also hope that you will assist us in keeping this manual up-to-date and accurate by participating in the 'discussion' tabs. In the discussion tabs, you can drop information that you think is of interest and/or might require debate.

Please check this manual regularly, but don’t forget that we will send important information via email as well. Our experienced verifiers will send emails to inform you of these critical changes.

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