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Does the brand have the objective to only source sustainable sugarbeet/sugarcane or maize (for fructose syrup) for all its sugar containing products by 2020 at the latest, and does the brand already purchase sugar from environmentally certified sources?

  • Dutch version: Heeft het merk zich ten doel gesteld om in uiterlijk 2020 alleen nog 'verantwoorde' suikerbiet/rietsuiker of maïs (voor fructosesiroop) te gebruiken voor alle producten die suiker bevatten, en koopt het merk al suiker in van milieu-gecertificeerde bronnen?
  • German version: Hat sich der Markenhersteller das Ziel gesetzt, bis 2020 allein umweltzertifizierten Zucker und/oder Mais für alle zuckerhaltigen Produkte zu verarbeiten? Wird bereits umweltzertifizierter Zucker und/oder Mais verarbeitet?

References and Guidelines

The production of sugar comes with several environmental problems. According to Fairfood, the production sugarbeet may come with problems such as harmful agricultural practices, water mismanagement and contamination. The production of sugarcane comes with even more sustainability problems. It may cause socio-economic problems insufficient income and income insecurity, corruption, unhealthy and unsafe working conditions and forced labor, but also environmental issues such as water mismanagement and water contamination and harmful agricultural practices. High fructose maize syrup comes, as the name implies, from maize. Maize production comes with mainly the same issues as sugar beet and sugar cane, but in addition it may also cause air pollution and leads to market distorting. It is because of the problems as described above necessary that the sugar is derived from organic or otherwise certified sources. Chemical sweeteners do not have any specific environmental issues and are not harmful. The year 2020 comes from a best practice initiated by Lipton. This producer of different sorts of iced tea has committed to only source sustainable sugar by 2020.

In order to produce sugar sustainably, sugar can be bought from certified sources. Approved sources for this question are Organic, Fairtrade, Naturland, Bioland, Demeter, Rainforest Alliance, EcoSocial and Bonsucro.

Answering Guidelines

Answer yes:
• [Brand] has taken policy measures to purchase its sugar from sustainable souces, namely [xxxx].

Answer No
• Brand explicitly mentions not to have a policy on purchasing its sugar from sustainable sources.

Answer ?
• Brand does not specify whether the sugar used comes from environmentally certified sources. Sustainability information should be easily accessible for consumers to make responsible sources.