Supermarket Chains Ecology Question 3

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Has the brand banned 'unsustainable fish', so the most threatened species and the most damaging fishing and breeding methods from the assortment?

Dutch version: Heeft de supermarkt 'foute vis', dus de meest bedreigde vissoorten of de meest schadelijke vang- en kweekmethodes uit het assortiment gebannen?

German version: Hat die Marke Fisch aus nicht nachhaltigen Quellen, also bedrohte oder mittels schadhafter Methoden gefangene oder gezüchtete Fischarten, aus seinem Sortiment gestrichen?


For backgrounds see Supermarket Chains Ecology Question 5.

‘Unsustainable fish’ here is defined for the Netherlands by the red indicated ‘better not eat’ fish according to Check specifically if the supermarket has banned all eels (in Dutch: paling).