Supermarket Chains Ecology Question 7

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EN: Concerning chicken meat, does the brand abide by progressive animal welfare standards, and does the brand offer free range and organic chicken meat?
NL: Voldoet het volledige assortiment kippenvlees aan vooruitstrevende normen voor diervriendelijkheid, en biedt het merk vrije uitloop en biologisch kippenvlees?
DE: Werden für das komplette Angebot an Hühnerfleischprodukten progressive tierschutzrechtliche Standards eingehalten? Bietet die Marke Hühnerfleisch aus Freiland- oder Biohaltung an?


broilers (meat chickens) are usually kept indoor in barns (so not in cages) in an intensive way, where 21 hens per square meter is common practice. Better practices in terms of animal welfare are again free range and organic poultry farming methods, providing much more space and fresh air. For this question, brands can be awarded with a 'yes' only if:

- all the chicken meat at least meets the 1-star criteria of the Dutch animal protection association or a similar standard that clearly goes beyond common practices.
- free range and organic chicken meat is offered on the shelves