Supermarket Chains Ecology Question 9

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For the full assortment of pork, does the brand abide by progressive animal welfare standards?

Dutch: Voldoet het volledige assortiment varkensvlees aan vooruitstrevende normen voor diervriendelijkheid?

German version: Werden für das komplette Angebot an Schweinefleisch progressive tierschutzrechtliche Standards eingehalten?


Pigs are generally kept in intensive piggeries (or hog lots), a type of factory farm specialized in the raising of domestic pigs up to slaughter weight [1]. The pigs are kept in large stalls with large numbers of pigs per square metre. This is also applicable to pigs that er kept in the Netherlands, where animal welfare is at stake. Painful practices like castration are not common anymore in the Netherlands see this Dutch article.

Albert Heijn sets a standard by having outphased almost all conventionally produced pork from the shelves, and adherence to animal welfare standards that clearly go beyond legislation and common practices. The standards are endorsed with 1-star by the Dierenbescherming, a Dutch animal welfare organization.

For this question we accept any endorsed standard that clearly goes beyond legislation (and castration) and is applicable to the full assortment of pork and planned before 2012 at latest.