Supermarket Chains Labour Conditions Question 6

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Has the brand (supermarket chain) established a fair trade policy for at least two of the following commodities: tea, cane sugar or tropical fruits?

Dutch version: Heeft het merk (supermarktketen) een eerlijk handelsbeleid voor tenminste twee van de volgende productgroepen: thee, rietsuiker of tropisch fruit?

German version: Setzt der Markenhersteller für mindestens zwei der folgenden Produktgruppen konkrete Fair Trade Massnahmen um: Tee, Rohrzucker, tropische Früchte?


Fairfood indicates various ‘priority issues’ for the tea, sugarcane and tropical fruits like mango and pineapple.

For tea and tropical fruits there are several certification schemes in the market, aiming to improve the environmental and social conditions, like Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance. For sugarcane, also Fair Trade standard can be applicable. To improve the sustainability of sugarcane production on the mainstream level, there is the multi-stakeholder Better Sugarcane Initiative, where businesses and NGO's work together to set a standard and as a second step to certify 'sustainable' sugarcane. The project is comparable to the soy and palm oil sectors, where the first 'certified' sustaineble palm oil is available on the market.

Supermarket chains here can be rewarded with a yes if:
- There is a policy for 2 of the 3 commodities;
- The tropical fruit policy can only contribute if it covers at least mango and pineapple.
- The policy refers to certifications or joint initiatives, or otherwise criteria and monitoring, and sets clear and measurable goals in terms of time, percentage of total use of commodities.

Note that the requirements for this questions are pretty basic, this may change over time ss the companies will further elaborate on policies for these commodities. In due time, Rank a Brand can ask more specific questions.