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Has the brand’s labor conditions policy resulted in a ‘compliance level’ of at least 30% of the purchase volume, or a ‘monitored level' of at least 80%?

  • Dutch version: Hebben de inspanningen van het merk (bedrijf) voor betere arbeidsomstandigheden geleid tot een naleving van de gedragscode voor minimaal 30% van het inkoopvolume, of staat minimaal 80% 'onder toezicht'?
  • German version: Entsprechen mindestens 30% des Produktionsvolumens durch die Zulieferer den CoC-Standards des Markenherstellers? Oder gelten mindestens 80% des Produktionsvolumens durch die Zulieferer als auditiert? Wurden die Werte zur Einhaltung und / oder Auditierung von einem unabhängigen dritten Akteur (bspw. Zertifizierer oder MSI) verifiziert?


This question relates to aspect AF3 to AF17 in the Reporting Guidelines & Apparel and Footwear Sector Supplement of the Global Reporting Initiative.

Terms like ‘Compliant’ and ‘Monitored’ make sense when there is verification from a multi-stakeholder initiative, such as FWF, ETI and FLA, SA8000 , WRC and GOTS. So for this question, we only consider brands that work with one or more of these organizations or certifications.

Ranking guidelines

A ‘Yes’ is applicable when:

  • Brands have a ‘compliance’ level of at least 30%, that can be built up from SA8000 certification / FLO-CERT certification or production in ‘low risk’ countries. Also the compliance ‘A’ category level of Made By is applicable here.
  • Brands ‘monitor’ more than 80% of their purchase volume. ‘Monitoring’ means that audits have been held in the last 2 years and also production in ‘low risk’ countries can be counted as ‘monitored’. Also WRC monitored and SA8000 certified facilities can be counted here. Note that supplier self assessments (e.g. with BSCI) are not considered as ‘monitored’.
  • Brands are FLA Accredited Companies, but only when those brands have published this on their own website. For the list of Accredited Companies, see this link: [1].
    • Brands that are FLA member, but are not Accredited (so they do not appear on the FLA Accredited Companies list) have to achieve the percentages asked in the question.

For the list of ‘low risk’ countries, see the MADE-BY document.

Answering guidelines


  • [Brand]'s Made-By scorecard shows that [__%] of the total collection is class A certified.
  • All factories producing for [brand)] are [SA8000 certified / FLO-CERT certified], thus 'monitored'.
  • All products are made in [...], [which is a low risk country / are low risk countries] as defined by MADE-BY (see page ...).
  • In [..YR], [..]% of the factories of [brand] were monitored.
  • In [..YR], [..]% of the factories of [brand] were in compliance.


  • In [..YR], only [..]% of the factories of [brand] were monitored.
  • In [..YR], only [..]% of the factories of [brand] were in compliance.


  • Factories producing for [brand] are monitored by [...], but no clear results or monitored percentages are mentioned (see page...).
  • [Brand] does not publicly report outcomes or results of its policies to improve labor conditions at its suppliers.


  • See remark for labor conditions question 7.