Dairy Environmental Policy Question 11

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Does the brand (company) have clear objectives to reduce the plastic packaging weight of products and to increase the use of sustainable/renewable plastics, and does the brand annually report the results?

  • Dutch version: Heeft het merk (bedrijf) duidelijke doelstellingen om het gewicht van de verpakking te verminderen en het gebruik van biologisch afbreekbare of recyclebare verpakkingen te verhogen, en publiceert het bedrijf jaarlijks de resultaten met betrekking tot de consumenten verpakkingen?
  • German version: Hat sich der Markenhersteller ein deutliches Ziel gesetzt, um das Gewicht der Produktverpackungen zu vermindern und/oder deren Nachhaltigkeit zu erhöhen? Werden zudem entsprechende Resultate veröffentlicht?

References and Guidelines

Within the dairy sector, most packaging material is made either from paper or plastic. Most of the time yoghurt packaging is made of plastic and milk packaging is made out of a mix from plastic and paper. [1]. It is a common practice already for dairy brands (such as Friesland Campina, Arla, Zaanse Hoeve, Boerenland etc) to use FSC certified paper packaging. Therefore we do not have to ask for a paper policy anymore.

However, there is still a lot of room for improvements in the use of plastics; such as reducing plastic packaging and using plastics from renewable (bio) sources. It is a possibility that the renewable plastics are made from sugar-cane. The production of sugar-cane comes with a lot of sustainability issues, see also Soda Environmental Policy Question 1. Therefore, if the producers claims they use plastics made from bio-plastics, please make sure that the source of the bio-plastic is mentioned and when this source has known sustainability issues, the source should be certified according to the certification schemes mentioned in Soda Environmental Policy Question 1.

Answering guidelines

Please refer to Soda Environmental Policy Question 5.