Dairy Environmental Policy Question 8

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Does the brand (company) purchase its other ingredients (such as sugar, fruit and chocolate) from environmentally certified sources?

  • Dutch version: Koopt het merk (bedrijf) zijn overige ingrediënten (zoals suiker, fruit en cacao) van milieuvriendelijke bronnen?
  • German version: Verarbeitet der Markenhersteller biologisch zertifizierte Rohstoffe (z. B. Zucker, Früchte und Kakao) für seine Produkte?

References and Guidelines

All dairy brands sell milk and yogurt with 'special flavors', which contain ingredients such as sugar, fruit and cocoa. This question is meant to find out whether a brand takes sustainability further than the main ingredient only. For specific certifications and more references for sugar, fruit and cocoa:

For now, purchasing at least one of the mentioned ingredients from environmentally certified sources, is sufficient for a 'Yes'.

Best Practice: Since 2010, Arla buys 100% UTZ certified cacao for their chocolate yoghurt.

Answering guidelines