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Are at least 50% of the brand's leather, yarn and fabric production phases approved as socially compliant by independent third parties, such as FLO-Cert, GOTS or SA8000?

NL: Voldoet tenminste 50% van het merk haar totale productievolume leer, garens en stoffen aan de normen voor goede arbeidsomstandigheden volgens onafhankelijke derde partijen, zoals GOTS of SA8000?

DE: Wurden zumindest 50% der Weiterverarbeitung von Garn, Stoff und Leder durch unabhängige Dritte wie FLO-Cert, GOTS oder SA8000 als konform bezüglich Arbeitsbedingungen anerkannt?


See also the previous question [1] and for references and guidelines, see Generic Fashion - Labour Policy Question 12.

NOTE: respective results should refer to a brands processing production stage(s). According to e.g. PUMA this would be Tier 3 (see below).

  • Good practice examples by brands in terms of specifying Tier stages in a supply / production chain:

- Fashion brand PUMA provided an exemplary presentation of its manufacturing activities by tier (see link, page 46) in its 2014 Annual Report, which goes as follow:

"- Tier 1: Manufacturing (e.g. Footwear, Apparel, Accessories),"
"- Tier 2: Outsourcing (e.g. Embroidery, Cutting, Printing),"
"- Tier 3: Processing (e.g. Dye Houses, Tanneries, Packaging),"
"- Tier 4: Raw materials (e.g. Cotton Fields, Cattle Farms, Rubber Plantations)."