Restaurant Chains Environmental Policy Question 9

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Does the brand (company) have a proper vegetarian assortment or a policy to increase this?
NL: Heeft het merk een voldoende vegetarisch assortiment of een beleid om dit uit te breiden?
DE: Bietet der Markenhersteller ein umfangreiches Angebot vegaterischer Mahlzeiten an? Werden darüber hinaus Maßnahmen umgesetzt, um das Angebot zu erweitern?


The climate and environmental impact of meat production is versatile and a reason to search for alternatives for meat: vegetarian meals and snacks. [1].

Best practices is e.g. Maoz, a small Dutch restaurant chain that only offers vegetarian food.

Answering Guidelines

The brand will only receive a yes when it offers at least two proper vegetarian menus; or has a policy to increase the share of vegetarian sales. We further follow this standard of the Veggies Association in the Netherlands, that also includes other types of restaurants such as snackbars.

Answer Yes:

  • [Brand] offers substantial vegetarian food, e.g. [...] (see link/page]
  • [Brand] offers a full vegetarian assortment (see link/page).

Answer No:

  • [Brand] explicitly says not to sell vegetarian meals (see link/page).

Answer ?:

  • [Brand] does not communicate any policy about selling vegetarian and meat substitutes. Sustainability information should be easily accessible for consumers to make responsible choices.
  • [Brand] offers only one vegetarian food, but has no policy to increase this, and substantially offers [meat / fish].