Soda Environmental Policy Question 3

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Does the brand use environmentally certified raw materials (such as fruit, coffee or tea) for its products?

  • Dutch version: Gebruikt het merk milieuvriendelijk gecertificeerde grondstoffen (zoals fruit, koffie of thee) voor zijn producten?
  • German version: Verarbeitet der Markenhersteller weitere umweltzertifizierte Rohstoffe (z.B. Früchte, Kaffee oder Tee)?

References and Guidelines

Soft carbonated beverages do not only exist out of water and sugar, they often also contain other products to give the drink its flavor or add to something extra. Examples of additional products being used are coffee for the caffeine of some of the products, tea for iced tea, or several fruit for flavors (such as orange or lemon). While these ingredients may not take up the largest part of the beverage, it often does cause the most environmental impact. The production of tea and coffee can cause serious environmental problems. For a specification of the issues surrounding coffee, please see the environmental policy section of the coffee and tea sector. Regarding fruit, [1] oranges are an example of fruit which comes with sustainability issues such as water mismanagement and contamination, unhealthy and unsafe workplaces, child labor, unreasonable working hours, insufficient income and income security, harmful agricultural or aqua farming practices. For the sustainability issues surrounding coffee and tea, please see Coffee & Tea Environmental Policy Question 1.

In order to produce fruit sustainably, it can be bought from certified sources. Approved sources for this question are Organic, Fair Trade, Naturland, Bioland, Demeter, Rainforest Alliance and EcoSocial. In addition, an approved certified source for coffee and tea is also Utz Certified (as they do not certify fruits).

Answering Guidelines

Answer yes:
• [Brand] has taken policy measures to purchase its other products from sustainable sources, namely [xxxx].

Answer No
• Brand explicitly mentions not to have a policy on purchasing its other products from sustainable sources.

Answer ?
• Brand does not specify whether the other products comes from sustainable sources. Sustainability information should be easily accessible for consumers to make responsible sources.