Supermarket Chains Climate Change Question 2

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EN: Has the brand disclosed the annual footprint of greenhouse gas emissions of its 'own operations'?

NL: Heeft het merk (bedrijf) de jaarlijkse emissies van broeikasgassen als gevolg van de eigen bedrijfsvoering gepubliceerd?

DE: Veröffentlicht der Markenhersteller eine absolute Klimabilanz zum eigenen Betrieb?

References and Guidelines

This question is generic, and is applicable to the brands in most sectors that we rank. For Reference and Guidelines, see the second part of the Generic Carbon Emissions Question 2.

Additional requirements

Additional to supermarket chains is the requirement to include the refrigerant gases leakage in the 'greenhouse gas footprint. In the supermarkets sector, refrigerant gases leakages can easily contribute to the total greenhouse gas footprint of own operations for more than 25%, see e.g. [1] and [2]. It is therefore required that the supermarket chains report the greenhouse gas emissions, at least their CO2 emissions AND also the emissions of greenhouse gases that leak from the coolings and freezers.

Also note that while ranking supermarket chains, the emissions of franchisers must also be taken into account. This is e.g. applicable to SPAR, where independent entrepeneurs operate under the brand and franchise license of the SPAR company, and highly represent the brand operations and consequent carbon emissions. This requirement specific to the retail chains was not yet active in previous years, but is standard procedure from 2013 rankings onwards.