Supermarket Chains Climate Change Question 5

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EN: Are the greenhouse gas emissions below 250 kg CO2-eq per square meter shopping floor per year?

NL: Zijn de emissies van broeikasgassen minder dan 250 kg CO2-eq per vierkante meter winkeloppervlakte per jaar?

DE: Liegt der Wert der Treibhausgasemissionen bei unter 250 kg CO2e pro Quadratmeter Einkaufsfläche?


Supermarkets run premises with large areas. Energy use for those shops contributes a siginifcant share of greenhouse gas emissions to a supermarkets total climate footprint. This question rewards (almost) best practices as found in the supermarket sector:

1. NL: Vomar reports 184,1 kg CO2/m2 for 2013, request and see Duurzaamheidsjaarverslag Vomar 2013, p.13-14.

Note that this efficieny is based on the total CO2-eq footprint of Albert Heijn own operations (not only the shops emissions) and includes the refrigerant leakage gases.

2. DE: Rewe Group reports 224 kg CO2/m2 for 2014, see [1].

This indicates that 250 kg/m2/year is well within reach.

Ranking Guidelines

Rank 'Yes' for brands that meet or exceed one of the best practices as described above. If you find other claims that seem to hold substantial information, please contact the Verifier.

Rank '?' for brands that don't publish this information...
(Brand) does not communicate any information on its _____, if there is one, on its website. Sustainability information should be easily accessible for consumers to make responsible choices.