Supermarket Chains Ecology Question 6

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EN: Concerning the sold eggs including store brand products that contain egg: does the brand have a policy to further improve the animal welfare of laying hens?
NL: Aangaande eieren inclusief eigen merk producten die ei bevatten: heeft het merk een beleid om het dierenwelzijn van legkippen verder te verbeteren?
DE: Setzt der Markenhersteller progressive Tierschutzmaßnahmen für Legehennen um? Zielen die Maßnahmen sowohl auf das Verkaufsangebot von rohen Eiern sowie auf verarbeitete Eier bei Eigenmarkenprodukten?


Egg farming in EU is classified into 3 categories and should be labelled accordingly: 0 for Organic, 1 for Free Range, 2 for Barn and 3 was for Cages. Battery cages were used primarily for egg-laying hens. The battery cage was controversial for reasons of animal welfare and animal rights [1]. Battery cages were banned in the European Union from 2012 after a 10-year phaseout, to be replaced by 'enriched' cages [2]. This also means that code 3 will not be found on eggs in the EU any more.

This does not mean that all animal welfare issues have been solved. The current state of the art in animal welfare of laying hens is described by [Wakkerdier] (sorry in Dutch).

For this question we require at least one of the following:
- a total assortment egg and egg products that comply to animal welfare standards that clearly go beyond legislation;
- clear policies (objectives that are time bound, that refer to clear or independent standards, and include concrete percentages on total share of eggs sold) to increase the share of higher animal welfare standards for laying hens