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Does the brand (company) have a Code of Conduct (CoC) that applies to own employees and those of its suppliers, which includes the following standards: No forced or slave labor, no child labor, no discrimination of any kind and a safe and hygienic workplace?

Dutch version: Heeft het merk (bedrijf) een Code of Conduct (CoC) voor al hun werknemers (inclusief werknemers in hotels en gidsen) waarin de volgende standaarden staan vermeld: geen gedwongen arbeid, geen kinderarbeid, geen discriminatie van welke aard dan ook en een veilige en hygiënische werkplek?

German version: Hat der Markenhersteller einen Verhaltenskodex für Zulieferer und ArbeitnehmerInnen (Code of Conduct, CoC), in dem die folgenden Standards enthalten sind: keine Zwangs- oder Sklavenarbeit, keine Kinderarbeit, keine Diskriminierung jeglicher Art sowie ein sicherer und hygienischer Arbeitsplatz?

References and Guidelines

Although former research has shown us that chances are high that not even one travel agency or tour operator will score a point on this question, we think this question is indispensable and very essential for the Travel brands. According to our former rankings Travel brands do not publish complete Codes of Conduct that mention all of these standards. When they do report on labor conditions, they focus solely on the topic of child labor. However, we believe that labor conditions should be good for all employees working in the travel sector (hotels, restaurants, tour guides etc) and therefore we want travel agencies and tour operators to have a Code of Conduct that contains the ILO Conventions.

The standards concerning forced labor and slave (bonded) labor are based on the International Labor Organisation ILO Conventions 29 and 105. The standard concerning the minimum employment age (i.e. no child labor) is based on ILO Convention 138 and 182. The standard on no discrimination is based on ILO conventions 100 and 111 and the right to a safe and hygienic workplace is based on ILO convention 155.

There are no certifications for Tour Operators yet. Though Tour Operators increasingly work with certification for accommodations (see previous question Tour Operators and Travel Agencies Question 1). From the certification standards that include standards on labor conditions, only Rainforest Alliance includes all standards mentioned in this question.

Ranking guidelines

Only reward a ‘Yes’ if all four of these standards are clearly mentioned. In the remark section, please mention exactly where you found the statements. If they are spread across multiple pages, please mention the correct page number for each standard.

The Code of Conduct must refer to all employees: not only to its own employees, but also to employees of its suppliers (e.g., hotel operators, activity providers, local guides etc…).

A ‘Yes’ is also applicable when at least 30% of the brand’s accommodations is Rainforest Alliance-certified.


  • All standards are mentioned in [brand]’s [Code of Conduct / Labor conditions policy].
  • […]% of [brand]’s accommodations is Rainforest Alliance certified, which means that these standards are included in a part of the company's processes.


  • [... and ... is / are] mentioned in [brand]’s [Code of Conduct / Labor conditions policy]. However, [... and ... is / are not mentioned].


  • [brand] does not communicate any information on a Code of Conduct (CoC) on its website.